Wall Maze "Big Bertha"


A wall maze is where you have propped up maze and the goal is to guide a ball up and around obstacles. You want to get the ball as high as you can and reach to top centre hole!

Big Bertha is our biggest and best wall maze.

Dimensions: 100cm x 180cm x 10cm

Game includes:

  • Wall maze x1
  • Metal ball bearings x2

Minimum transport requirement: Trailer

Setup: Place the maze on even ground and open the support legs to the furthest they can go. Secure the legs.

How to Play:

1. With the cradle resting at the bottom of the maze, place the ball bearing in the hole.

2. Grip each ring attached to string in each hand and carefully guide the ball to the top hole without letting it fall through the holes.

3. We’ve carefully designed our game to give you a score based on how well you go.

Challenge: Try playing the game with two people, each one holding a handle. This requires excellent communication to ensure success!

Alternatively, place rings in opposite hands to reverse controls.

Safety Notes: Ensure that the game is placed on even ground and safely secured.