Naughts and Crosses


Naughts and crosses, also known as tic-tac-toe, is a simple game that is played on a 3x3 grid.

Dimensions: 85cm x 110cm x 7cm

Game includes:

  • Naughts and Crosses board x1
  • Wooden naughts x6
  • Wooden crosses x7

Minimum transport requirement: Car

Setup: Open the board so that the A frame is out as far as the string will allow. You could also play with the board laying on the ground.

How to Play:
1. Decide who goes first. One player will be naughts (O) and the other will be crosses (X).
2. Take turns placing your symbol on the grid. The first player will place their symbol on any open square on the grid. Then the second player will place their symbol on any open square.
3. Try to get three in a row. The goal of the game is to get three of your symbols in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. If you get three in a row, you win!
4. Keep playing until someone wins or the game ends in a tie. If all of the squares are filled and no one has three in a row, the game ends in a tie.
5. Keep track of who wins each game and the first to 5, wins the game.

Challenge: Try playing with speed, with people only having a second to make up their mind, mistakes can happen quickly.

Another way to play, especially with children is to have two teams ling up approximately 4 metres away. The teams then send one person at a time to run up and place their piece. Individuals can move pieces on the board as well. Once their turn is over they run to the back of the line and the next person in their team can run up and move a piece. First team to get three in a row wins!

Safety Notes: Make sure the board is on sturdy ground and the legs have been opened to their full distance.