Drop Sticks


Welcome to the thrilling game of Drop Sticks! Get ready for a fast-paced challenge that will test your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Dimensions: 240cm x 160cm x 20cm (50cm at base)

Game includes:

  • Drop Sticks structure (comes in three pieces) x1
  • Wooden drop sticks x7

Setup: To set up the game safely, assemble the large wooden frame and securely attach the wooden sticks to the underside of the top using magnets. Make sure the frame is sturdy and stable before starting.

How to Play:
Step 1: Gather a group of players and designate one person to be the "dropper."
Step 2: The dropper stands by the frame and begins pulling the strings attached to the sticks, causing them to drop randomly.
Step 3: As soon as a stick drops, the player tries to grab it before it hits the ground.
Step 4: The player who successfully catches the stick earns a point.
Step 5: Rotate the dropper and catcher role after each round, and continue playing until a predetermined score is reached or for a set number of rounds.

Challenge: Presenting the "Multi-Drop Mayhem" challenge: Brace yourself for an intriguing test where multiple sticks drop simultaneously! In this unique twist, participants must swiftly assess the path and velocity of each stick, making rapid decisions to either evade or catch them. With sticks descending from different angles and speeds, this challenge calls for precise reflexes, exceptional hand-eye coordination, and the ability to make quick judgments. Can you navigate the chaos of Multi-Drop Mayhem and prove yourself as the ultimate stick-catching champion?

Safety Notes: When playing Drop Sticks, exercise caution and be wary of the sticks that drop. These sticks can pose a potential safety hazard, so it's important to be aware of where they are and if you are under them at all.